About Us

Dr.Durga Sunitha Posina Biography

Born in India and raised in the U.S., Dr. Durga Sunitha Posina, M.D., ardently embraces the intertwining philosophies of health, beauty, and wellness. An early love of science, skincare, and philanthropy nurtured a passion to study medicine. Her medical training in India and New York allowed her to discover the powerful interplay between eastern therapies and western medicine. 

A champion of both the underprivileged and the critically ill, Dr. Posina strives for holistic equilibrium with her patients, focusing on the interconnectedness of physical and mental health. Affectionately known as “The Beauty Internist,” Dr. Posina seamlessly unites her love of aesthetics with her deep expertise in Internal Medicine. Her practice in St. James, NY offers the most advanced in customized skin treatments as well as primary care services, fused with a variety of concierge wellness therapies.  

Her scientifically advanced beauty & wellness line distills passion, ingredient purity, and pioneering research. Her approach seeks to preserve youthful appearances and youthful vitality, addressing internal and external aspects of wellness with equal importance.

To be agile in the world of wellness is an essential part of our evolution.
To us, that means embracing elements of historical modalities in Ayurveda, while remaining dynamic in Western medicine. It means multidisciplinary education, so that not only can we work to prevent dis-ease, but to accurately diagnose and treat with minimally—if any—invasive practices.

We aim not to be derisive in one system of beliefs, but dexterous and discerning, a process that requires us to slow down, get to know our patients, and truly see people as the beautifully unique individuals they are.

Of course, we are board-certified/Qualified professionals, but our methods are rich in history, and sonorous in love.

We don’t consider natural, holistic wellness to be an option. Nurturing our bodies from the outside in, seeking balance, practicing prevention, utilizing the highest quality, carefully-sourced ingredients, and implementing thoughtful rituals are ingrained parts of our human nature that we mustn’t forget. The further we run from our nature and our truth, the less vibrant we look and feel.

At Sunsimaya Wellness Center, we’ve created a reverent realm for total health.

We employ the most sophisticated medical therapies technology, coupled with ancient Eastern wisdom in order to deeply personalize each and every treatment and experience. Any products used are as bespoke and thoughtfully considered as our practices. We aim for course correction, not control, when it comes to our clients and patients. Lived experiences matter. Beauty is personal. Wellness is individual. Ritual is powerful. We’re your compass on the winding path towards your most vital self.