Sunsimaya MD

Skincare Memberships

Our skincare members receive:

  • A monthly medical-grade spa facial
  • A free LED light treatment on all sessions
  • 25% all facial enhancements 
  • 20% off of skincare product purchases.


Botox Memberships

Our Botox members enjoy: 

  • Bank 30 units every 4 months. (Flexibility is offered for those who prefer more frequent visits) 
  • Receive all additional units at a 25% discount.
  • 20% off skincare products.


Vitamin Memberships***

Vitamin members receive: 

  • A discounted drip each month** ($125+ in savings per drip.) 
  • A complimentary booster towards each drip.
  • Receive 20% off all additional IV drips 
  • 10% off all other services 
  • 20% off skincare purchases 
  • A complimentary medical facial!


*Memberships require 30 days to cancel

**Excludes NAD drip

***Maximum 4 drips available to roll over

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