IV Nutrition Lab

Vitamin Drips

We see the rise in trendy, quickie IVs, and it gives us pause. Intravenous treatment can be an incredibly effective way to deliver transformational healing and support longevity, and we aim to meet those standards with the utmost respect for the method.Our vitamin cocktails are meticulously formulated for the utmost efficacy; we never cut corners, and we make it our priority to understand each patient’s health and disposition on a medically vital level, as well as a personal level. While our medical standards are high, we also give precedence to comfort. Our space is a realm of reprieve, because our bodies thrive when we relax into our truest self. We’re a haven, not a hospital.

  • Immediate Benefits

    Rapid & better absorption compared to oral helps give

  • Higher Bioavailability

    As it bypasses the gut and goes directly into the bloodstream

  • Precise Dosing

    Allows for a more precise dosing of the amount of vitamins unlike oral supplements

  • Instantly Hydrated

    As it instantly replenishes fluids into your body 

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